236 Semple Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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236 Semple Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
236 Semple Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


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great location

Created Sun, 03/08/2015 - 15:05

The house has a weird set up. It used to be a duplex but now is one unit. There are three bedrooms upstairs and downstairs as well as an upstairs bathroom, upstairs kitchen, downstairs bathroom and downstairs kitchen. The bedrooms are different sizes. Since each floor is mirrored of the other I'll just describe one. There is a long hallway with the first bedroom coming off, the bathroom and then the 2nd bedroom. The first and 2nd bedroom are pretty good size, the 3rd (pretty small) can only be accessed through the 2nd bedroom or an outside door that we never got a key to. My friend and I ended up splitting both spaces by sleeping and studying in the larger bedroom and making the smaller attached one a large walk in closet/storage area and it works pretty well for us. The downstairs kitchen has NO COUNTER SPACE which bothers me a lot, but the upstairs kitchen has plenty. You have to go outside and around a corner to get to the creepy basement to get to the washer and dryer (coin operated). The house is in pretty good condition... for oakland. Our landlord has a great repair staff that has slowly but surely been fixing things around the house as we point them out. It's a great house to be close to campus, to share with friends (we have 5, it could have 6), it's great for entertaining or having guests stay over. Even with it's weird shape, double kitchens and creepy basement, I've really liked living here. I would recommend it, as long as you're aware of what you're getting into which lots of little repairs that should probably happen (like fixing the broken banister on the stairs or a small hole in the ceiling in the last bedroom upstairs). Also we've never had trouble with any pests and we're allowed to have pets (no cats or dogs).

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