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He won't be BFFs with you, but he will do his job.

Created Sun, 03/08/2015 - 14:55

Bob is really busy and has a lot of properties. He's all business and I don't think he particularly trusts the college students that he rents properties to which is fairly reasonable since most of us are likely terrible tenants. At first, he was straight out rude to us when we moved in and the house was in pretty bad shape (it wasn't clean and there was pile of old stuff in the basement and the washer didn't work). We got off to a bad start but since then, our relationship has gotten much better. He always responds to our issues in a timely manner and is quick to return phone calls. He has a really great repair staff working for him that go very above and beyond in my opinion with the types of repairs and the timeliness. We also live in a house that's prone to people peeping in the windows and he was very receptive to our ideas about putting a gate in the alleyway. He ended up putting a flood light instead, but it was still more than the minimum. We got off on a rocky start, but if you show him that you'll be a responsible tenant, he'll treat you like one, even if he's possibly rude in the beginning. We've been in the same property for 2 years and I would definitely go with him again.

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